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We are Colorado's source for rare and exotic saltwater breeds. Our livestock is quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks to treat them for parasites, fungus, and bacteria. We also carry a huge variety of dry goods, with everything you need to start or maintain a tank of your own - skimmers, lights, test kits, additives, food, and even a variety of tanks.

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We offer a selection of ICP testing and top of the line products on our ICP website for your coral and aquarium needs. See the ICP Testing website now for a complete listing of all our products.

First try regular ICP testing - you'll have better control over your water quality and therefore more ability to properly care for your corals. With regular testing, you'll be able to more accurately dose your tank with the large array of water additives available. Then, take a look at our high end tank monitoring, water flow and lighting systems available from Neptune Systems and Ecotech. With these tools at your disposal, you'll get better results and complete control over your aquarium system.